Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can always whenever you want trade Bitcoin (BTC) to any coin listed in TrocandoCoins, just make Bitcoin (BTC) deposit in the exchange.

No, at the moment we only allow the exchange of Bitcoin (BTC) for any other coin listed in TrocandoCoins.

Yes, the amount of Bitcoin that you deposit in TrocandoCoins will be protected against hacker attack, our exchange platform is different from any other exchange system, our wallet is not stored in the exchange servers.

For greater security and quality in our exchange platform, we prefer to keep everything manually, without hot or cold wallets, without risk of a hack, without problems related to theft of coins.

 Yes, at any time you wish, you can withdraw the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) that is stored in the exchange, for this you only need to request a withdrawal that it will be processed as soon as possible.